FEATURE REQUEST - offline JetPack installer

Offline installer of JetPack!!! Many of your users have security sensitive work environments in which direct access to the internet is prohibited in a development environment. There seems to be no option to install JetPack in an offline environment, which is essential to get these Jetson’s running, and for profiling said Jetson’s by a host computer.

Could Nvidia just offer up a .deb or .run package of JetPack for arm and x86 environments?

Hi user56780,

You can download deb files from here.
Suggest you install JetPack via SDK Manager online.

Hi, this was not solved, but now it is. The gist of it is that Nvidia needs to provide .json files to instruct sdkmanager as to what .deb are associated with what version of JetPack, otherwise it just throws up its arms and says it can’t do anything.

When you download the deb files from the repo, put them in a local folder, then direct sdkmanager to install from that local folder, sdkmanager simply says there is no previous downloads directory. In poking around, it appears that Nvidia sdkmanager creates .json files whenever it downloads the deb packages for a certain JetPack install. If these .json files are not in the folder, then it doesn’t know how to handle the deb packages. So without the .json files being made available with the deb, then it is impossible to install JetPack onto an AGX board from a permanently offline host, even if you manually go download all of the deb packages from the repo link you provided.

Obviously I would prefer to be able to have my host computer access the internet directly, but as stated that is not possible, and I know I am not the only developer who has these constraints, hence the FEATURE_REQUEST. Hosting the json files in the repo with a quick line instructing users to also download these into a folder would fix it all.

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