feature request: oppcode description under "instruction statistics"

when I expand “instruction statistics”, there is a bar graph of the number of executions per oppcode. Since I am not too familiar with oppcodes, I need to open up CUDA binary utilities web and look for what each oppcode stands for. It would be really helpful if we can somehow find out the oppcode’s definition – or full name – inside nsight compute. For me personally, an intuitive way would be to hover the cursor over the oppcode’s name – on the y-axis of the bar graph – for the oppcode’s full name to appear. Anyhow, such feature would really save a lot of time.


Thanks for the suggestion. We already plan to provide similar functionality in the next release of Nsight Compute for the Source page, i.e. you will see the opcode description when hovering over the instruction in the SASS view. We can look into having the same available for the chart on the Details page.

Awesome! Looking forward to it :)