[Feature Request] Panning viewport indefinitely

Hi there!
I want to request a feature that allows us to keep panning our viewport even though the cursor itself hits the end of our screen. Right now, trying to pan the viewport it just stops when I “run out of monitor” for the cursor. This prevents us from panning 360 or more degrees when the app window is in fullscreen (note, not viewport fullscreen, I mean the app itself is in or at near fullscreen)

Say that I’m looking at my scene, and my cursor is 1 inch from the leftmost end of my screen, if I then want to pann the viewport 180c to the left to look behind me (or even just 90c) it won’t work, camera stops. This forces me to release the RMB and drag the cursor back to the center of the screen in order to do that. Really frustrating when trying to move around inside your level.

If I make the app windows small, say 1280x720, I get a lot more headroom to do some panning, but that’s not a viable workaround.

Thanks in advance!