Feature Request: SDK Manager board clone from UI

Hi there,

I have been using Tegra products since TK1 and I am very pleased with the evolution of the tool set. Specially with the SDK Manager. It has made my life very easy when it comes to installing the latest L4T distribution on our Xavier NX with an external SSD (nvme0n1p1 installation).

One point I see many users in this forum struggling with is how to clone an existing Tegra board after having customized the software in it. The process seems to be quite manual and documentation on the subject is sparse and in many cases outdated.

It would be great to have an option to “backup” an existing board from the UI and “flash” the “backup” into another board.

The ideal process would be:

1 - Use SDK Manager to flash the latest L4T distribution on a Tegra.
2 - Customize the Tegra software to the developer heart’s content.
3 - Use SDK Manager to creat a backup of the Tegra.
4 - Flash the back up on another board (in case you want to create clones) or on the same board (in case the developer messes something up and wants to bring the board back to a previous state)

I don’t know if this forum is the best place to raise this kind of requests. Please, feel free to point me in the correct direction.

Best regards.

Thank you for this suggestion, I have forwarded it to our internal team to do the discussion if able to plan it in the future.

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