Feature Suggestion for Flashing

I’m placing this in the Orin category since JetPack5+ is the most recent release. However, it would be useful also in JetPack4.x release.

I’d like to suggest a new feature on command line related to this. That would be a “range” of contiguous partitions. Right now we could flash or clone like this for a single example partition:
sudo ./flash.sh --no-flash -k kernel-dtb jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

I imagine a “range” of start and stop partitions, with everything between. As an example, a single contiguous copy (like with dd) of kernel-dtb through UDA (example case is a TX2 with kernel-dtb at mmcblk0p26, and UDA at mmcblk0p31, with everything between and no holes), and no “sparse” partition attempt):
sudo ./flash.sh --no-flash -k kernel-dtb::UDA jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1
(this would assume some standard file name, e.g., it might create “partitions.img” in the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory)

Or the reverse flash of the same example using a single contiguous image (new option “-”):
sudo ./flash.sh -r -k kernel-dtb::UDA jetson-tx2f mmcblk0p1
(and it would assume filename in “bootloader/”, perhaps named “partitions.img”, reading labels inside this to find the partitions matching the XML layout, rejecting if it isn’t from that layout or the size is wrong for that layout)

Or to do the same thing using device specs, e.g.:
sudo ./flash.sh --no-flash -k mmcblk0p5::mmcblk0p10 jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1
(everything between p5 and p10)

Additional thought: It would be ok to have this work only if fuses are not burned since it is for development, but if a partition could be read normally when a fuse is burned (perhaps only write is prohibited), then it would not harm anything to still be able to read. In the case of writing, perhaps at a later date a feature could be added to use a key, but until then just not allow the feature for fuse-burned write.

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Hi linuxdev,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions, I have sent this to internal team for discusssion, will update you all the changes of us in time.

Thank you