Fedora 19 + 3.10 Kernel + nVidia TITAN - Boot Problems

I upgraded to a GTX TITAN and the problems began. At first I thought it was an issue with drivers.

PROBLEM: Fedora installs perfectly, updates perfectly, and the proprietary driver builds and installs fine.

Fedora MUST be installed under basic GFX mode, as nouveau throws an error ‘unrecognized device’

After driver installation, I reboot, and the monitor goes into an endless cycle of red, blue, green, grey and striped/checkered screens. It looks like some sort of test sequence, but it never ends.

I have tried the current release driver, and the 325.15 beta, with the same results.

It should be noted that I switched to Fedora 19 from 17 after I installed the card and had the EXACT same result after booting, and assumed it was an OS issue, so I took the opportunity to upgrade the OS.

So, same issue for Fedora 17, 18 & 19.

I install using safe graphics mode, update the kernel, install the proprietary driver.

Then I reboot. The fedora logo comes on, shows that it’s loading the OS.

Then BAM, as soon as x starts it goes into the color sequence. This never happened with my old GTX 680. Only with the titan.

Can somebody please help me? I can’t even use the system.

nvidia will need logs from you to figure this out. However, kepler series is just a piece of crap. nvidia still didn’t fix tearing that you’ll discover as well.

I now know that the issue is not related to the titan. I got another GTX 680 and had the same results.

The only possible constant is that I switched monitors to dual-link only 27" QNIX screens.

Before, I had been using 24" single-link DVI.

What logs would I need to post for this to be addressed, and where are they located?

Thanks in advance.