Fermi assembler now available asfermi

Hi everyone

This is to inform you that asfermi, an assembler for the Fermi ISA, is now available. It already supports 70 of the most commonly used instructions and has been tested to work with both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. I and another collaborator have already started some work to probe the hardware architecture of Fermi. Here’s some preliminary result for Fermi’s instruction scheduling pattern.

(16 warps, even-numbered warps are shown, numbers in the table are the normalized scheduler clock numbers)

Details here;

If you are interested in ISA coding, I invite you to try out asfermi, and report any problem you find. Currently we do not have enough knowledge of the hardware architecture to produce highly efficient code yet, but we are in the process of probing and may come up with more interesting details in a month or so. Please email me if you are interested in the probing of Fermi’s hardware architecture as well.

Other notes:

    asfermi has not been thoroughly tested and is not recommended for serious use

    asfermi will most likely support Kepler’s ISA as well when Kepler comes out

    Details of what’s going to be probed