Few questions please…

Ok searched these forums, YouTube and Google and cannot find answers so hopefully here and apologies if already asked but did a search and nothing came up.

  • Anyways to open viewport on 2nd monitor please?
    Tried dragging over and doesn’t work and can’t find any option in menus.

  • How to make custom camera size please? I like to use ultra wide like 3840x1600 for eg for that cinematic look.

  • When playing around with physics I got an error message and it crashes. Just adding a cube and deform.
    I get the ‘physX GPU cuda context error’ message.

Specs on my desktop are - RTX 2080Ti, i76700, 32GB ram and screen goes crazy, flashing and get 3 error messages.


When I use my laptop (Razer blade pro 17, RTX 3080, 16gb Ram, i911900), it’s fine.

Sorry for all the questions and thank for for any help.

Anybody with any ideas please?

Hi BadMonk!
The problem might be more related to the resolution and the corresponding VRAM requirements, rather than PhysX. Could you provide us with some more information:

  • Log file (when you start Create and open the console window, you can see on one of the first lines where the log file goes.
  • What is GPU memory use when this happens (in GPU memory usage display in viewport or in task manager)
  • Is it a fresh scene with just a deformable cube, or is this embedded into a larger scene.


Thanks for replying Simon, it’s in Machinima so the log file will be same as create right?

Will test it later today and let you know, and yeah the scene is a fresh scene from scratch.

Thank you again.

Ok so will attach some screen shots if that’s ok -

I got some more error messages when running it. Also took a screen shot of start up screen and also console.

Will try again on my Razer laptop as think it runs fine on there. But will test again.

Thank you for taking time to reply.