Ffmpeg 2 output 50 fps help


i need help with command i can make 2 output at same time 1080p50fps + 720p50fps with copy all map subtitle and encoding all map audio to aac output hls with using nginx

Thank you

any one can help ?

I don’t think this is really the right place to ask.
You should of course use a search engine and try to find some answers for yourself.
There are pretty much examples for everything out there.
And of course there is: man ffmpeg, or ffmpeg -h.

https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/EncodingForStreamingSites might give you some hints.
A quick search for “ffmpeg hls” brought up this:

Maybe that’ll help too…
And if you really can’t find a solution after searching and trying, I’d recommend using the ffmpeg mailing list, or maybe their IRC channel.

But some hints I think I can give: use i.e. -vf "scale=w=1280:h=-1" for scaling. And I think -r is for frame rate.