FFmpeg and NVENC, legal question for use in commerical product

Dear NVIDIA and Community,

FFmpeg license lists NVENC as not being compatible with the GPL license:


"The NVENC library, while its header file is licensed under the compatible MIT license, requires a proprietary binary blob at run time, and is deemed to be incompatible with the GPL. "

What do I need to do as a software developer of a commercial product in order to use the NVENC via FFmpeg in commandline tool fashion?

So to be clear, no source code of FFmpeg or NVENC is being integrated or modified, my software does not dynamically link or use code of either FFmpeg or NVENC SDK.

I am simply calling FFmpeg as a commandline tool with the NVENC codec like so:

ffmpeg -i output.mp4 -c:v h264_nvenc -profile:v high -preset slow -b:v 12000k compressed.mp4

Thanks in advance for any info on this!

That text is out of date. ffmpeg can be compiled with nvenc support without --enable-nonfree.

Thank you for letting me know @philipl !