Ffmpeg Vs Gstreamer (PC) vs Gstreamer (NVIDIA Jetson)

Hello Experts,

CC: @Honey_Patouceul @DaneLLL @Amycao @kayccc @WayneWWW @icornejo.a @AastaLLL @dusty_nv

I am facing a problem in accessing the RTSP streaming.

Camera Settings
Encode Mode: h264
Resolution : 1080p
FrameRate: 25 fps
Bitrate type: Constant bit rate
Bitrate : 2048 Kbps
Frame Interval : 50
where I am able to access the RTSP URL successfully from ffmpeg in Jetson Nano, Gstreamer running in another PC
But when I tried to access the URL from Gstreamer in Jetson Nano then, URI access fails.

Is there any way I can debug and see why it is not working in Jetson Nano Hardware.

It looks like you have figured out the solution:

These plugins are native gstreamer plugins. If you would need more information about why is fails with ugly plugins, you may go to gstreamer forum:

Hi @DaneLLL

Yeah, but I am just confused about why this sends unwanted info in the header.