ffmpeg with hw accel (CUDA or vdpau) on PX2

I have some code that uses ffmpeg to decode some h264 frames and I want to run it on the Drive PX2; but the performance of the decoder is bad. Thus, I am looking into having ffmpeg use some hardware acceleration on the PX2.

However, I cannot seem to find the nvidia drivers (ie nvidia-378) used for regular amd systems which is required to build ffmpeg with cuda/cuvid/nvenc. This means some .so files are missing and ffmpeg cannot be built to use the GPU.

ffmpeg (cli programme) installed from apt-get seems to come with vdpau but trying to check vdpau (vdpauinfo), there seems to be a missing libvdpau_nvidia.so while other libvdpau.so seems to be present after installing libvdpau1 & vdpau-va-driver.

Any idea on how to install ffmpeg with hwaccel, preferably cuda but if not vdpau?

Dear mpechon,

DrivePX2 supports nvmedia for multimedia.
How about using it for your topic?