FFT on image stack Question about cufft

I have a quick question about cufft and I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion. I have an image stack of 512X512X500 (x,y,z) and I need to do an fft along the z axis (which is time). I am using the raw image format (index: x+Nxy+NxNy*z)

I would use the 1D cufft with the batch option but I spend to much time copying the data into the correct format to make it feasible. Does anyone have any suggestions?


what is your question?

My question is how efficiently do an fft on the z dimension on the 3D image stack?

If you have enough memory available to have a second copy of your images around, I’d suggest transposing the images and running a batched FFT on the transposed images.

Thanks for the response! However I am not sure I get it. How can i transpose a 3d matrix to group the 3rd dimension such that I can use it with a batched fft?

I appreciate your help!

I think I found the answer:
I will give this a shot.