FIFO mode not enabled

Hello support,

I am currently having a problem with the ttyTHS1 uart (Uart on the 40-pin Exp Header).

When I try to open ttyTHS1 (115200, 8N1 for example), I get the following error:

  [  278.026365] serial-tegra 3110000.serial: FIFO mode not enabled
  [  278.032304] serial-tegra 3110000.serial: Uart HW init failed, err = -5

Before asking you, I switched from custom carried bard to a dev kit:
Model P3518 (See picture).

In both cases, I get the same error.
I noticed (in both cases):

  • After a reboot, I can open it for the first time without error,
  • then if I close it, I can’t reopen ttyTHS1 without this error.

I will try to put the content of the different registers written and read for you to give you more context.


technical environment:

Custmom Linux Yocto image based on OE4T ( OpenEmbedded for Tegra)

Best regards,

Please refer to this post and set up the device:
Jetson Nano how to use UART on /ttyTHS1

And check if it helps this case

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