File Converting Raw<->h264<->png

Hi, NVIDIA’s experts.

I was able to get .h264 encoding video file and .raw encoding video file using recoder tools of driveworks samples(camera_sample_gmsl_raw). In the following environment :

  • Driveworks 1.2
  • Sekonix Camera SF3324 RCCB with lvds cable

But, I want to get a video file on exactly the same scene to check each performance of different algorithm.

How Can I convert .h264 encoding to .raw encoding or .raw to .h264 on DrivePX2 or .raw to .png?


Did you record both raw and h264 at the same time?
If you add an option to the json file, you can record raw & h264 format at the same time.
And you can save from raw to yuv file with nvmedia. Please refer to below link.