'File size limit exceeded' when profiling


I am trying to profile a sequential Fortran 90/95 program that runs slower (by several orders of magnitude) with pgf95 than with g95, gfortran or the Intel compiler. This happens for no apparent reason—the code is quite well debugged and has been used for several years now by many users, but apparently not with the PGI compilers.

I am using version 7.0-2 of the 32-bit PGI compilers under Debian Linux (kernel 2.6.18 and gcc 4.1.2).

I compiled the code with -g and -pg to produce profiling information. However, when I run the code, I get the message:

“File size limit exceeded”

and no gprof.out file is produced.

I presume this concerns the size of the gprof.out file?! If so, could you indicate how to increase this size limit. I did not find this information in the manuals.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Dominique,

I believe that the message “File size limit exceeded” is coming from OS. You most likely reached the “filesize” limit as shown by the “limit” command. Try setting the filesize to “unlimited” to see if it works around the problem. Also, you may consider using PGI’s PGPROF profiling features instead (See: PGI Tool’s Guide for more information).

What options are you using to compile the code? I wondering if the performance difference can be explained by your using lower optimizations. If not, please send a report to trs@pgoup.com, including how we can obtain and run the code.