File transfer from Mac OS X to Jetson Nano

I’ve been looking for the steps needed to connect from my Mac to the Jetson Nano to transfer files. Using a USB thumb drive now. I am able to use VNC Viewer on my Mac, just need to transfer files. I have very little unix experience and can’t quite figure out what I need to do. Using a USB cable is NOT an option.

Thanks in advance!


If your Mac is able to ping the jetson device with no matter wireless or wired network, then you can use scp command to send data.

Yes! Thank you.

I also found an article to install Samba here, it worked. It’s easier for me since I’m a unix noob. I was able to connect using Mac OS X Finder. Samba install There was a little tweaking involved on the Nano for the folder and file permissions in order to get read-write access to subfolders, etc.

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