Files are not saved in adobe photoshop in dds format

Hello! Today, while editing a file in Photoshop and saving it in DDS format, I got this error:
This error is related to NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter, I quote from its text:
Error: Creating the window with GLFW filed!
Iternal info: Plugin::InitializePlugin, line 3776

Technical requirements:
OC: Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Videocard: Intel™ UHD Graphics
Vendor name: INTEL™

Graphics editor:
Adobe Photoshop, version 24.1.0 20221206.r.166 be4691b x64

My OpenGL version:
OpenGL 4.6

Version driver:

I am always waiting for an answer since I can’t do my job because of this problem. Thanks in advance.