Files on SSD duplicating

I know this isn’t super related to Jetsons specifically, but I have no idea where to go for this issue. I have a SSD mounted at /media/ecoation/primary/ however everytime that I sudo reboot, it creates a new file called /media/ecoation/primary1/ or primary2 and increases by 1 every restart.
it then copies over all the files in the previous file, except the docker link that I created. Then when I try to cd into the files, and do ls it tells me that I can’t -even with sudo. Sorry if i lack specificity, I can answer more questions as we go.

Also once again not related to this topic itself, but can you guys lead me into the direction where I can run inference on a .trt engine using a camera? That would be really appreciated. (if it helps I want something like in /samples/python/detectron2 in the github repo but then for camera instead of images)

The first query would need other users to share experience. For the second query, you use-case is to run detectron2? If yes, you may check
Unable to set up detectron2 on Jetson NX

Yeah the second usecase was detectron2, I found a decent script that was for SSD detector with TensorRT optimizations so Im going to look into modifying that

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