Filesystem layer verification failed for digest


I’m trying to download pytorch: 21.09-py3 from NGC, but I get a verify error.
Downloading the container from Docker hub is perfectly fine, but I can’t download any from

I got the API key and can log in to
I tried adjusting “max-concurrent-downloads” and “max-download-attempts” but it didn’t work.
Is there any solution?

I think you are busy, but thank you.

OS : ubuntu 20.04 GPU : RTX3090 Driver : 510.73.05

docker version
Client: Docker Engine - Community
Version: 20.10.17
API version: 1.41
Go version: go1.17.11
Git commit: 100c701
Built: Mon Jun 6 23:02:57 2022
OS/Arch: linux/amd64
Context: default
Experimental: true

sudo docker pull
21.09-py3: Pulling from nvidia/pytorch
35807b77a593: Verifying Checksum 
8b3c8b372321: Verifying Checksum 
8fb3eda6c63e: Download complete 
18371db59904: Download complete 
5c4736efaf24: Download complete 
62b6e377497b: Download complete 
7fdba72e9a4c: Download complete 
44328d279079: Download complete 
5f8ef2f16876: Download complete 
ed1a51936e33: Download complete 
9b773264053b: Download complete 
0feb3418cb1c: Downloading [===>                                               ]  174.7MB/2.508GB
7c750641bcbd: Download complete 
bad860d1ba8d: Download complete 
fb70ec2d6fa7: Download complete 
086ac015c29b: Download complete 
468a7123888f: Download complete 
7bf57c65a846: Download complete 
03cc75abaebe: Verifying Checksum 
f80637286f5e: Download complete 
e27c542b4836: Download complete 
cd441e418acb: Downloading [================>                                  ]  82.55MB/243.2MB
66e80b47fb97: Verifying Checksum 
b6bf807644cc: Waiting 
d1ef4304ed77: Waiting 
0c275e035690: Waiting 
70f3fc21827e: Waiting 
96abf2c364c4: Waiting 
c5439e4c7e43: Waiting 
d8b37bdccb67: Waiting 
96dc2c2cc8f8: Waiting 
39a52ef3d396: Waiting 
199ff6731277: Waiting 
8dbd6af7ca4a: Waiting 
1bb0744e143b: Waiting 
94c1513b11f3: Waiting 
34b0c8383d8f: Waiting 
d2a463dc84c0: Waiting 
d78a498ece00: Waiting 
c6eec6192bb3: Waiting 
708e3ef4ae05: Waiting 
4799af196d2e: Waiting 
43b491c45e9c: Waiting 
97d1f73b43b1: Waiting 
102dd05feff2: Waiting 
afdda559f6c9: Waiting 
72c511b8a28b: Waiting 
01515302e0f4: Waiting 
58e34888047d: Waiting 
6554ba0369c2: Waiting 
9e4811295679: Waiting 
4ec419a68a5c: Waiting 
05e9e6fcf342: Waiting 
37340022fa45: Waiting 
8c3cf95c036b: Waiting 
7965eaff7755: Waiting 
filesystem layer verification failed for digest sha256:66e80b47fb975558d3354500e23a593c203164feeb2f0d8c68b30b5671613319