Finally a low-cost TX1 Board!

People in the community here, have been asking us for this so…

Please see the brand new $175 Orbitty Board!

Also if anyone here is at AUVSI/XPONENTIAL this week come say hi!

It doesn’t seem connecttech carrier cards bring out all MIPI/CSI-2 lanes.

Our Astro carrier does.

I noticed there are 8 GMSL inputs. Where can I find GMSL cameras?
I’m familiar with many camera interfaces, but not GMSL. If someone makes hi res (>10MP) GMSL cameras, we will definitely interested in Astro carrier cards.

I can’t get datasheet of MAX9286 (GMSL chip on Astro) without NDA.
It seems very difficult for most users to use those GMSL inputs without camera/driver support.

Is there a phone number or email address that I can reach you at?

Thanks for the Link:
I won’t know it’s GMSL compatible camera otherwise.

This opens door for many applications using Astro carrier cards.

Looks good, but I wish it would have two USB3 ports. Or are they on the same bus anyway, so the combined transfer speed would still be capped at 5 Gbps (which would mean that I can just connect it to a USB3 hub and get the same speed)?