Find suitable version (current DRIVE SW 8.0 or newer) of DriveWorks/SDKManager for Pegasus.

Hi SteveNV,
I would like to clarify or confirm that which version of is suggested and formally supported by NVIDIA for our installation on Pegasus SKU2200? or is DRIVE SW 8.0 is ok for Pegasus used in project?



Dear SteveNV,

I saw some information related to Pegasus via discussion threading “from

"…I can flash “Drive OS” via Partner account successfully, but DriveWorks is not installed by default.

By talking with the Nvidia representative, I understand the discrete GPU is not supported by “Drive Software 8.0” yet, will have to wait for next release…"

Could you please help us to confirm on dGPU used in DRIVE SW 8.0? Thanks!


Dear Gary,

DRIVE Software 8.0 is NOT supported on DRIVE AGX Pegasus. Currently, DRIVE OS (Linux kernel, CUDA, TensorRT) is supported on DRIVE AGX Pegasus. Thanks.