Finding information about different Model Numbers?

I’ve noticed there are several possible model numbers for the AGX- P2888-0001/0004/0006/0060. Is there any information about these or their differences? If we’re using the P2972 (ie, the Developer Kit, which contains a 2888), how can we determine which model we have?


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Generally the will read the eeprom on module and use the info to select which files it needs to flash.
You could check the .conf file you are using during flash for it.

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Thanks Wayne, I’m using sdkmanager at the moment- the gui since I had to specify target in cli and didn’t know what to use- but I’ve saved the log and I’ll take a look at it to see if I can find where is or maybe I can find it in the download directory or my system with find. Marked as a solution unless I have to come back!