Fire is too slow to follow my falling object

What can I do to make the fire follow the book as it falls?

Rendering img seq from Machinima in 30 frm/sec did not helped at all:

Please help if you can?

Three things to look at.

First, by default the emission of fuel/temperature is a bit lazy to get smooth blending. For faster motion, you want to increase the coupleRate values on the emitters to ensure moving objects leave a trail.

Second, the delay for fuel to convert to smoke is sometimes not desired. You can instead emit smoke and temperature directly. This helps a lot with moving objects.

Third, from the window menu, open the Flow monitor. This will show how many Flow blocks are active versus the pool size. If you are running out, either increase max blocks in RTX Settings->Common->Flow, or go to a larger cell size on FlowSimulate.

I got it made! Thanks @areidmeyer

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