Firefox corruption with wake from sleep 465.24.02

I am getting a corruption with firefox when I wake from sleep. I use 2 windows side by side with about 5 or so tabs open in each. When I wake it looks fine for a couple minutes usually and the starts passing the desktop background into the window or going black. I think I found a workaround/fix by editing /usr/bin/ and placing “sleep 0.5” at the beginning of the resume case. I don’t know how low it needs to be. I suspect the script is being ran to quickly after resume. With the change I haven’t been able to reproduce it, yet.

Edit: This also happens with hibernate, and this “workaround” does not address it there.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (413.3 KB)

Can you please try enabling video memory preservation, described in Chapter 21. Configuring Power Management Support in the README?

Here is an updated log file. I enabled Preserve Memory and tried setting the Temp Path and no change.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (418.2 KB)

Hmm, too bad. Thanks for trying. Can you capture a screenshot of the corruption?

Here is a screenshot. There are 2 windows open and the one on the right is corrupt showing the desktop. Always start on one side and I can still use the other for a minute or more before it corrupts as well. I have also grabbed a tab out of a corrupt window as well.

I haven’t experienced this with any other programs, but I usually only have konsole, Firefox and maybe steam open.

Here is another screenshot.

I tried without compositing running and it doesn’t change.

This isn’t an issue with the nvidia driver, this happens on all drivers when firefox has gpu hw accel enabled. I’m experiencing this (glass firefox, nice) on intel, too, when i enable hw accel.

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Ok. thanks for the info.