Firefox + Javascript + CUDA = ?

Check it out:

Wow, so this is kind of like the pycuda bindings, but for Javascript?

Pretty much, but for now, you need to use their customized version of Firefox (which I assume has some sort of interface to the CUDA driver which supports all of the Javascript-y stuff).

Wonderful hack, but should we now be waiting for the day the first piece of malicious javascript drops a payload onto our GPUs to compute part of a botnet style brute force attack on something…

Here’s the project page on Google Code, if anyone is interested:

It would be cool if they took this a bit further and integrated it with WebGL, so you could do applications in the browser that would work like normal CUDA + OpenGL apps on the desktop.

Or just expose OpenCL to the Javascript runtime, much like WebGL exposes 3D graphics APIs.