Firewall on GPU using CUDA

We think to implement a firewall on gpu using CUDA.

Firstly we try to find a open source firewall application to adapt for GPU with CUDA but any firewall codes we found are not readable so we can’t continue.

About this topic, do you suggest any useful firewall codes as example, references, or what should we do?, Our way is wrong? :)

Are there any open-source firewall GUIs that can help you “decode” and understand the firewall rules?

No, we can’t found like that which we can decode. If only find such as that, i think our work will get easy.

I do not think you will benefit anything by doing this. Firewalls are simply not number crunch demanding, but requires bandwidth. If you are talking about a standard firewall, my guess is that you will actually loose performance running it on a GPU.

– Kuisma

Also we are interested in this topic as an university project. We try and look whether we gain performance or not :)

For the simple port/ip filter kind of firewall you usually see around it’d of course make no sense, as these decisions are trivial. But I guess you want to do one with full packet inspection?

At least in theory, one gbit shouldn’t bring you into bandwidth problems, transfer to/from the card can be done with speeds like gigabyte/s. And you can certainly do parallel string searches and such.

Yes, we think to do a firewall which inspects packets, not a port filtering.

Thanks everybody for replies, we have decided our way, solution.

Do you have any results? TNX