First boot logo is not showing on NANO


We are applying our image to bmp.blob.
It tested on emmc module and sdcard module both.
eMMC is not showing first boot logo and sdcard is showing.
There is error message on eMMC as follows

[0002.370] hdmi cable not connected
[0002.373] is_hdmi_needed: HDMI not connected, returDT entry for leds-pwm not found
n[0002.384] ing false
[0002.386] hdmi is not connected

I have no idea in this case.
And these are each boot log.
nano_emmc.txt (20.7 KB)
nano_sdcard.txt (22.3 KB)

The error says you are not connecting the HDMI cable. If this is custom board, you better make sure the device tree change is flashed to the board.

Be aware that if you want cboot to have dtb update, you need to do full flash.

It works, I think there was some mistake in my side to modify device-tree.

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