First step after booting to desktop


I am a completely new user to the drive px 2 autochauffeur. I want to eventually use visionworks and driveworks. I have read all of the documentation but most of it seems pretty unclear to me. I’ve done the Brainshark tutorial as well. I see some of these things are already installed on the px 2, but then I also see things about needing a host pc with Linux. I am pretty new to Linux. I know the basics about terminal, but I think I am getting bogged down in the terminology and all of the layers of this device.

What exactly do I need to do to get started? Do I need to configure a host pc? I see the px 2 has Ubuntu 16.04 already installed. Does it need something else?

I am also confused about the Vibrante Foundation and Vibrante Linux pdks. Which one do I need, if any?

Thank you in advance for any help. I have the px 2 up and running at my desk with a monitor attached and I’m not sure what to do with it next.


Dear mbroger,

Could you refer to below link?

And please see below.

Basic Hardware Requirements
•NVIDIDA DRIVE™ PX 2 with the latest PDK flashed in the system.
•Linux desktop of Linux x86/x64

Linux System Requirements

These are the basic preqrequisites for Linux:
•Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (out of the box installation)
•GCC >= 4.8.X && GCC <= 4.9.x

•cmake version >= 3.2.2

By default, Ubuntu 14.04 installs cmake version 2.8. For guidance on installing cmake 3.x, see:

•CUDA Toolkit 8.0 or higher
•NVIDIA® CUDA® version 8.0 or later
•NVIDIA® Vibrante™ PDK installation for DRIVE PX 2 on the Linux Host
•You may also need to install (using apt-get install) the following packages: libx11-dev

Thank you for the reply SteveNV.

The link says membership required. If it’s the same membership for the NVidia drive developer program, I have requested access over a week ago and I am still waiting for confirmation. Can someone please accept me into the program? My email is

Will I be able to work on DriveWorks without the Linux host pc if the px 2 doesn’t need flashing?



Dear mbroger,

Will I be able to work on DriveWorks without the Linux host pc if the px 2 doesn’t need flashing?
If you have DrivePX2, you can use DriveWorks on DPX2. Please refer to /usr/local/driveworks/bin in DPX2
But maybe DriveWorks version is not latest version, so I recommend flashing DPX2 to latest SDK version. Thanks.

Thank you SteveNV.

We are now trying to install DriveWorks in the host pc. The command in the user guide

sudo dpkg -i driveworks-v0.2.1-rc2-7214083-linux-amd64-ubuntu1404.deb

does not work. It returns “cannot access archive: No such file or directory”

What is the correct command? We are also still eagerly awaiting acceptance to the nVidia drive developer program. It still says “approval pending.”


Dear mbroger,

Let me clarify it.

  1. Do you have DrivePX2? Maybe you can check the DPX2 PDK version on the box.
  2. Did you download driveworks-v0.2.1-rc2-7214083-linux-amd64-ubuntu1404.deb file?
    If yes, please let me know the link.

You should install same DriveWorks version in HostPC and DPX2 to cross-compile.
So I think it is better to wait approval to access the link. Thanks.

Dear mbroger,

One more thing, we need an NDA for your access request approval.
So could you please check did your university or corporate sign in with NVIDIA an NDA? Thanks.

Thank you SteveNV.

To answer your questions,

  1. Yes, my company has purchased a Drive Px2. It does have Driveworks installed, version 0.2.1. We are following the Driveworks 0.2.1 Development Guide documentation that came with it. Also looking in the files of the PX 2, it looks like Vibrante Beta is installed.

  2. No. We were not successful in running sudo dpkg -i driveworks-v0.2.1-rc2-7214083-linux-amd64-ubuntu1404.deb. It says no such file or directory.

  3. We are using the host pc to cross compile and look at coding samples. The PX 2 does not have any coding samples except .h files.

  4. I will check with our company to see about the NDA.



Yes, my company does have an NDA with your company. How can we move forward?



Also, could you send us some source code for the examples so that we can get started developing?

Dear mbroger,

Our team is checking NDA now.
After checking NDA, maybe you will get an access approval then can access the sample code. Thanks.

Thank you SteveNV. If there is further information I can give you, please let me know. We can communicate another way as well. I don’t want to reveal my company’s name on this forum. As of 7:40 AM EDT, I still haven’t been accepted.


I can’t access the link even after 2 weeks of having membership. Is it deprecated?

Checked with the company for NDA, which they have signed with NVIDIA.