First TX1 startup, HDMI problem and SSH connection issue

Hello All,

we unboxed a completely new Jetson TX1 development kit and processed the 5 steps “Powering Up the Tegra device”.

Here is the problem:

a) We do not have any output on any of our HDMI monitors (4 different types og monitors and different cables).

b) We started a DHCP server on our windows machine. The DHCP server assigns the address to the TX1. Ping is working well.
But we can’t connect via telnet or ssh (we used putty) to the TX1.

Any idea what to do?

Telnet is not enabled by default on any modern Linux distribution (nor even in most “old” ones). ssh should work, but there may be issues with keys being rejected from the Windows/PuTTY side. Default for a Jetson is to allow login to account “ubuntu” over ssh, with no specific keys required; once a session is started keys will be memorized, and thereafter changes in keys could be refused (part of denying a man in the middle attack). Keys might change from a flash, but since you have not flashed, then this would not be the case. Basically I suspect something in the Windows side (e.g., PuTTY) breaking the connection (or Windows firewall).

Video is probably just failing auto-configuration.

To see what is going on I highly recommend setting up a serial console (settings 115200 8N1). See:

You could also possibly try to ssh in from a regular Linux host…ssh should “just work”. If not, then you’d still have useful information because the ssh would give some sort of error message.


I connected to the TX1 via serial connection and started ./ Everything is fine so far and I also have HDMI output now.

But there is an issue concerning the SSH connection. I do not think it is a problem eith putty. I checked an other tool (MobaXTerm). Both tools give me the following error:

Session stopped
Network error: Software caused connection abort

Firewall… is turned off!

Any idea?

I’m not familiar with those error messages, I assume it is from the Windows side client (if you can attempt ssh from a Linux box I could tell more about error messages). Regardless of messages from Windows or Linux, I suspect there might be some option for “verbose” messages…does your ssh client give you an ability to increase message verbosity?

In general ssh on Jetsons is very reliable, there tends to not be glitches or complications. It isn’t unusual for something from the Windows world to want a different setting or configuration before it plays well with Linux. On the Jetson, using serial console, can you see what the dmesg output is as your Windows box tries to connect? Possibly use command “dmesg --follow” while experimenting. Also, under serial console, verify that “ifconfig” shows a configured port IP address.


we found a solution yesterday. The Ubuntu OS on the TX1 board is too old. If you update the board to the newest Jetpack everything is fine:

a) SSH works with a windows pc
b) HDMI works with normal monitors

Thank you all!