Fiseye to undistorted


I want to convert 200-degree fisheye frames to be converted to the same resolution rectangle shape. I tried with the “fisheye” pipeline before video convert. Though images are enlarged to rectangle shape, it completely got distorted. Is there any other option to convert the fisheye frames to undistorted frames as part of GStreamer command?

I tried with chessboard as per below article, but outcome is not good.

Can someone suggest how this can be achieved using dwarp plugin. That way, the whole processing be done at GPU side.


I also had tried with distort option of Gstreamer. It seems to be working, but is splitting image into 3 or 4 based on configuration. I also see size of image is drastically reduced. Can someone please suggest, how to use the command to get one full view of dewarped imaged as well how to use the command to record the video.

The command I am using for converting image is,
gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=/tmp/dewarp/800x600.jpg ! jpegdec !
videoconvert ! dewarp outer-radius=0.36 ! videoconvert ! jpegenc ! filesink