Fix broken link in kubernets install pior to TAO API setup

Hi I was following this guide

and noticed that

kubectl apply -f

is broken as they have moved resources around.

I think from the instructions listed here or here we can achive the same result.

install operator

kubectl create -f

and then download resources

curl -O

if we want to firther customise: generate custom-resources.yaml so you can do the necessary overriding with

kubectl create -f custom-resources.yaml

then install and configure calico with these steps.

Install calicoctl as a binary on a single host

  1. download (to a location in your search path)
curl -L -o calicoctl
  1. make executable
chmod +x ./calicoctl

Install calicoctl as a kubectl plugin on a single host

curl -L -o kubectl-calico

make executable

chmod +x kubectl-calico
  1. (optional) if the download is not in your search path add the directory to the search path (let’s say you downloaded into /home/g/calico)
    add the following line to the .bashrc or the .bash_profile
export PATH="$PATH:/home/g/calico"

check if it works

kubectl calico -h

Please do correct me if I have done this incorrectly.


Other form is use the new Tigera Helm repo.

helm repo add projectcalico 
helm repo update
helm upgrade -i calico projectcalico/tigera-operator --namespace tigera-operator --create-namespace --version v3.25.1
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Yup! Helm is much more easier!

Forgot up update here but I’ve summarised my findings in these writeups below. please feel free to correct if you run into any troubles by following that.


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