Fixed Camera Position Doesn't Work as it Should

Tested keeping all other randomization features equal. When you set a fixed camera position, say +1x, 0y, 0z the image shows the shift at the certain position. Same for when you set the fixed camera position to -1x, 0y, 0z. However, when you set the camera to pick a random position from -1x to +1x (keeping all else the same), a good portion of the time the object doesn’t show up in the image (screen is completely black).

If you put it on random look at position and set it to all 0s it still randomly changes the image output.

This is inconvient because you now have to run a new generation with a new position each time because the randomization doesn’t work.

Hello again my friend! I’ve got the Kaolin Team looking into this. I will post back when I have more information!

Hi @MontyPy , I’m able to reproduce the bug consitently. Thank you for finding it and for letting us know! We’re working on a fix. Huge thanks for helping make Kaolin better!