Fixes to edk2-nvidia for correct eeprom customer part number handling


Compared to the cboot plugin-manager and board eeprom handling implementation, the edk2-nvidia code concerned with customer part numbers is not complete. It does not properly populate customer board ids in /chosen/ids, and it does not properly handle the version comparison operations for choosing which overlays to apply.

I’ve created a patch that fixes these issues, but contributions are restricted to the edk2-nvidia repo on github.


Many thanks for your sharing.

Thanks, Dane. Do you know who can help grant me access to create a pull request to the edk2-nvidia repo, or can merge this into fixes for the next release?

I will work on determining the best procedure for us to properly intake contributions next week to make sure we can take these properly. I’ll update this thread and put some info on when we open up pull request/bug filing on that repo as well.


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We just opened up pull requests, and put some additional info here: CONTRIBUTING · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia Wiki (

Thank you @jbrasen – pull request sent.

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