Fixing a dead pixel by applying dynamic correction

Hi there!

We have a problem with our camera modules that some of them produce images with dead pixels which has a visible impact on our algorithms and visual output.
We saw a topic here, but it didn’t help us as we still struggle to locate a right option and the right place to turn dynamic pixel correction on.
We use imx377 sensor if it matters.

May I ask you how turn this “dynamic bad pixel correction” option on and where we should apply this option?

The bad pixel correction is default enable on TX2 already.

But if it turned on by default why we still have dead pixels? They are presented on the video, so that is why I can say for sure that there is are dead pixels, not just some random noise.

Create camera_overrides.isp in the /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/ and add ap15Function.badPixel = FALSE; to the isp file to check is any different.

Need change the camera_overrides.isp file to 664 by sudo chmod 664 camera_overrides.isp

Thank you @ShaneCCC
We do use camera_overrides.isp file, but we didn’t write any option there. We will experiment with different settings, including FALSE and TRUE to see if it makes the difference.

I’ve have tried ap15Function.badPixel = TRUE;
string to our camera_overrides.isp, but no success. I also tried FALSE value, but again, no success.
I’ve tried to remove everything from .isp file except this option and I definitely see that .isp file is applied to the processing pipeline, but I can’t make this option work or have any impact. With TRUE or FALSE or without this option at all I still see broken pixels.
Yes, chmod 664 was applied to the file in all cases.

Are there any limitations on this option like resolution or other options? Maybe some specific order is needed for this option, like being written in camera_overrides.isp file before or after some other specific options?

It seems like Jetson TX2 doesn’t have such option. At all. So there is no way to fix badPixels dynamically. Is it true?
We’ve tried everything and I’m 100% sure that this setting is ignored by Jetson’s ISP.