Fixing bootloader on EEPROM Jetson Orin

Hi there Nvidia Admin!

Having an issue with my bootloader on my Jetson Orin and am trying to fix it. Currently getting an error message that reads:

E> I2C_DEV: Could not read 256 registers of size 1 from slave 0xae at 0x00000000 via instance 0.
E> eeprom: Failed to read I2C slave device
C> Task 0x0 failed (err: 0x1f1e050d)
E> Top caller module: I2C_DEV, error module: I2C, reason: 0x0d, aux_info: 0x05
I> Busy Spin

Im aware from reading through your forums you are supposed to change the eeprom read in the file “tegra234-mb2-bct-common.dtsi” to:

eeprom {
     cvm_eeprom_read_size = <0x0>

When saving the file and running sdk manager to deploy it did not seem to take the changes…
Does sdkmanager compile the dtsi files for deployment?

Is there a better method or something I’m missing?


Hello there @seymoura,

sorry for the delay, I was out for a while and this post is in the wrong forums.

I will move it now to the Jetson Orin specific forums, hopefully they will be able to help you.



sorry for the late reply.
You are playing with the wrong file, and you should also not change cvm_eeprom_read_size.
It’s cvb_eeprom_read_size that needs to be taken care of.

Check this:

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