Flash based on SOM connector position

Dear team,

We are in design phase of single carrier board with 2 AGX orin SOM.
Each AGX orin SOM has different ODMDATA. We are planning to have dual SOM support in the same flashing package.
Based on the position of SOM connector in carrier board, we have named right side connector as SOM1 and left side connector as SOM2.
Our goal is to identify whether we are flashing the correct package, based on carrier board position not based on SOM?
That is to stop flashing, if the package does not match with the position of SOM.

Example : SOM1 package should flash only if it is connected in right side connector of carrier board.
Don’t flash the package if it is connected to left side.

During flashing we need to take decision based on position of SOM in carrier board.

we refered this link : Jetson EEPROM Layout — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

It is based on reading and writing eeprom through I2C after flashing. We need method to check and validate eeprom of carrier board during flashing.

Can you kindly suggest us as quickly as possible and provide support to it.


may I know why you need such operation?
Like why you need to impose the restriction that a certain SoM can only be inserted into a certain connector? They are not interchangeable?

Yeah to impose restriction to flash certain BSP package to certain connector position.
To avoid wrong configuration of ODMdata and pinmux in wrong connector position…


The reading of EEPROM on the carrier board is done in MB2, which we do not open source, so you cannot modify it’s behavior or stop flashing at that time.
You may need to come up with some other ways doing it.

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