Flash custom uboot/kernel/dtb/rootfs on tx2


I am trying to flash custom Linux system on my tx2 (buildroot).
I use the flash.sh script from L4T archive.
I managed to run my kernel by copying it to kernel and bootloader folder.

Buildroot generates both rootfs.ext4 and rootfs.tar file :

  • I copied the rootfs.ext4 to bootloader/system.img and ./flash.sh -r jetson-tx2-devkit mmcblk0p1 but the kernel panics because the /sbin/init file does not exist.
  • I untar the rootfs.tar file to rootfs folder and ./flash.sh jetson-tx2-devkit mmcblk0p1 but the kernel doesn’t do anything after mounting the ext4-fs (no prompt)

Maybe I have an issue with the filesystem. Maybe mmcblk0p1 is not the right partition ?

Is there a solution to flash a tiny Linux system on TX2 ?

Thanks in advance,

Please run apply_binaries.sh after you create your own rootfs. This will install nvidia driver to rootfs.

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