Flash eMMC of Jetson nano on dev-kit carrier board

We have built a custom carrier board for the jetson nano. I am reading the adaptation guide and bring-up, and I am aware I have follow those steps. I know that I need to purchase a production module, otherwise it will not work. In the adaptation guide, it is mentioned that the production module can be used with the dev-kit carrier board. If so, can I flash the module using the devkit carrier board? My plan is to do the load the image from a USB device on the devkit carrier board, and then put it in my custom carrier board and expect that it works.
The reason is that the Force recovery pin is easier to manipulate in the carrier board rather than in my custom board (the custom carrier board enclosure is not that optimal).

Ii don’t get what do you mean load from usb device. Could you elaborate it?

As for your previous question about emmc module with devkit, the answer is yes, you can use it to flash.

I meant using a USB storage device to boot the image (is one of the options suggested here).
I just read also that version A02 of the P3449 carrier-board is not compatible with production modules. I assume B01 it is, but the carrier board of the 2GB Ram version too ? Is this carrier board also b01?

2GB board is not same as the 4GB board. Please do not use it.

Thanks, just a side question. I am also planning to work with the Jetson TX2 NX. I noticed this one has pin-to-pin correspondence with the Jetson nano. Could I usd the B-01 carrier board of the jetson nano to flash a TX2 NX production module?. The difference between production and developer version remains also for the TX2 NX? I could not find the specific devkit versions for the TX2 NX, and I am confused how we could work with it.


Please check this post.