Flash failed for Jetpack 5.1.1

Hi All,
I am working on JP5.1.1, and check AGX ORIN CSI camera CSI6/7.
Some topics refer to some bug at RCE firmware.
And I follow the step to update the firmware, then flash orin dev.

Continuing the discussion from Request debug RTCPU image for JP5.1.1:

But I got some error
log.txt (19.1 KB)

hello syan,

please note that, the latest JP-5 release is JetPack 5.1.3 (r35.5.0) which include several bug fixes.
why you stay-on JP-5.1.1 (r35.3.1) for development, is it feasible for moving to the latest release version for verification?

Hi Jerry,
I had upgrade Jetpack from 5.1.1 to 5.1.3.

I want to check update DTB flow:

5.1.1 Step:
1、 copy tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb to /boot/dtb/tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb.
2、 copy Image to /boot/Image.
3、 update /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf FDT path.

FDT /boot/dtb/tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb

4、 reboot.

But 5.1.3 I see the FDT path is

FDT /boot/dtb/kernel_tegra234-p3701-0005-p3737-0000.dtb

Do I change step1 file from tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb to tegra234-p3701-0005-p3737-0000.dtb ?

hello syan,

it’s the path of the device tree blob in RootFS.
please refer to developer guide, DTB Support.

Hi Jerry,
I success upgrade Jetpack from 5.1.1 to 5.1.3.

Finally, I update DTB step is:
1、 copy tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb to /boot/dtb/tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb.
2、 update /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf FDT path.

FDT /boot/dtb/tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb

3、 reboot.

my device tree using DPHY x 2Lane
CSI0/1/2/3/4 is still ok.
But use CSI6 show this screen then can not show the log in screen.

hello syan,

you might review your device tree settings since the failure has reported an invalid NVCSI stream ID.
please see-also Port Index section, even though there’re 8 CSI ports, it’s support up-to 6 streams for the VI.

Hi Jerry,

Yes, we follow the the table to check DPHY x2 lane every interface is work or not by modify imx274 device tree from 2 camera to single camera.

PORT_INDEX 0 1 2 3 4 6
PORT_INTERFACE “serial_a” “serial_b” “serial_c” “serial_d” “serial_e” “serial_g”

Here’s my device tree vi setting part
Does CSI6 PORT_INDEX is 5 or 6?

hello syan,

please see-also Topic 69753 for more details of NVCSI/VI port-index.
for example,
if you had a sensor connect to CSI-G, the port-index device tree property should be indicate as below.

Sensor_out (port-index= 6) → CSI_in (port-index= 6) → CSI_out (port-index= 6) → VI_in (port-index= 5)

Hi Jerry,

That’s great help, thanks for your information.