Flash failure, please help!

Hi, I’m getting trouble with flashing the Jetson 4.3 on my TX2. I really need some step by step instructions to walk me through, please help!
The error was as follows:

  • 21:40:52 ERROR : Flash Jetson TX2 : Run commands failed at step Install: command sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1 finished with error
  • 21:40:52 INFO : Flash Jetson TX2 :
  • 21:40:52 ERROR : Flash Jetson TX2 : command terminated with error
  • 21:40:52 ERROR : Flash Jetson TX2 : install ‘Flash Jetson TX2’ failure, command < cd ‘/home/virtual-apokli/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.3_Linux_P3310’ ; ‘/opt/nvidia/sdkmanager/resources/app/output/installUtils/adapter’ -a=‘install’ -c='eyJpZCI6Ik5WX0w0VF9GTEFTSF9UWDJfV0lUSF9PU19JTUFHRV9DT01QIiwibmFtZSI6IkZsYXNoIEpldHNvbiBUWDIiLCJk

There are a lines of codes not able to be comprehended following.

Also there are some information which I don’t know whether they are useful or not:

  1. I ran the host on a virtualbox on my PC. After I clicked to flash the OS system on the board. I could hear the system sound of the usb disconnection, and when I checked lbusb on the terminal, “NVIDIA CORP” was gone.
  2. I am not sure if the UBUNTU on my TX2 currently is good or not. I canceled the “Applying Changes” process of the system configure wizard because it got stucked on “waiting for apt-get to exit” for a very long time.

Are you able to cd to these directories?

cd ‘/home/virtual-apokli/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.3_Linux_P3310/’
cd ‘/home/virtual-apokli/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.3_Linux_P3310/Linux_for_Tegra/’

Is your host PC able to access the internet? Is the Jetson in recovery mode with the micro-B USB cable connected?

VMs are not supported (it is very common for VMs to fail), but some people are able to get them to work. The above prerequisites would be mandatory for any flash to work, and after that, it would be necessary to set up your VM to never lose ownership of the recovery mode TX2 even though USB repeatedly disconnects and reconnects during a flash (often a VM will see the USB at the start, but as soon as it disconnects and goes to reconnect, the host of the VM grabs the device and the VM no longer has access).

Having dual boot is usually better than a VM.

It’s the USB connection problem. My Windows PC keeps rejecting the USB when I clicked the FLASH button. And then the connection of the USB to both my VM and host PC are all gone. Gonna try on a Linux host. Thanks!