Flash gets Corrupt

I am using a Jetson Nano Developer Kit in an automobile AI Application. For some reason, either Jerks or improper power cycles, my SD card (.img) software gets corrupt.

It might not be easy, but perhaps the most useful way of solving this would be a serial console log during a session where it corrupts. As a next-best tool for figuring it out, a full serial console boot log from first boot after a session which corrupts would be useful (if you don’t know if it is corrupt, then you’d be stuck logging first boot every time you boot until you get a log with corruption).

I will suggest that a Jetson is like any full desktop computer in the sense that it has to be shut down properly. Like a desktop computer, even if it is just a momentary power surge, any instability in power can (A) cause hardware damage, or (B) cause data damage. Jetsons do tend to be more sensitive to quality of power regulation, and so if the power supply used in the automobile is not both (A) surge protected, and (B) very well regulated, then you will always be at risk. It isn’t a rugged appliance, power delivery must be exceptional in such a circumstance. Still, we don’t know if it is a power issue (perhaps it is something like temperature), but I’d consider that to be high on the list of suspects.

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