Flash issue - Flashing JETSON TX2 (orbitty board) using SDK manager (jet pack 4.4.1) failed

I did flashing JETSON TX2 (orbitty board) using SDK manager (jet pack 4.4.1).

$sudo ./flash.sh cti/tx2/orbitty mmcblk0p1

But this error occurs.

My host environment is VM ware (ubuntu 18.04). The setting of vm ware usb setting is usb 2.0.


How can I fix this problem?

We don’t support to use VM to flash the board .Please find a native host.

Hi woolee156 -

Have you contacted our Tech Support Team? If you fill out our support form, our Tech Team can help you troubleshoot and get you up and running. You can find the form here: https://connecttech.com/support/cscr-form/

Let me know if you have any questions!