Flash issue - Flashing JETSON TX2 using sdk manager-jetpack 4.4 onto target OS HW

Your log seems a partial one. I really cannot tell anything from your log.

Please directly follow the page here and share the log. Sdkmanager provides too many logs that are unrelated to flash itself.

hello wayne,

 My previous conversation here i did all these steps and attached logs here . please find them in this loop. i am not sure if i have to spend time on doing this again.
  1. The software release version you are using (e.g. which jetpack version).
  2. Is this issue reproducible on developer kit(devkit) or custom board?
  3. How to reproduce this issue? It would be good if a sample code is attached.
  4. What peripherals are connected on device?
  5. The log from uart and dmesg

No… I am not asking you to reply these questions.

Please directly check that flash problem section and use flash.sh to flash your board.

It only takes 30s…

Since you didn’t even know the exact steps to put device into recovery mode, I don’t think the previous log is worthy of checking.

BTW, do you still see the LED on devkit powered on when you press the button to trigger recovery mode?

Also want to confirm

In previous comment, you can see NVidia Corp in your “lsusb”.
Could we confirm that this is really coming after you set your device into recovery mode?
Because this is not a method that 100% guarantees your board is in recovery mode.

For example, when I connect the a board which is powered on but not in recovery mode, I can still see NVidia corp in my lsusb too.
If your board is just “not able to output to hdmi”, but it actually still boots into OS, then such case would happen.

I have such guess because you said nothing is ever flashed to your device. Then why does it not able to output anything now? If nothing is flashed to your board, then it should be same status as your previous setup.

Also, this page provides method to dump log from uart. This method is more reliable than judging your device status by monitor.


Yes i still see the lsusb even if i don’t enter into recovery mode. I think i have issues with environment and need a fix . I don’t seeing it booting up either i am not sure what went wrong here .
Yes i still see the LED on devkit powered on when triggering the recovery mode.

Yes i still see the lsusb even if i don’t enter into recovery mode

Honestly speaking, I suspect you didn’t put device into recovery mode even once.
It sounds like you cannot tell whether the device is booting up or in recovery mode state. Nothing on HDMI output does not 100% represent device broken.

Below are other methods to tell whether your board is still alive or not.

  1. Could you see there is a interface with IP on your host when you connect micro usb cable on devkit? If so, try to ping and see if you can get ack.

  2. If you cannot get ack or cannot get IP, please follow this page and try to dump the log from serial console. https://elinux.org/Jetson/General_debug -> Get prepared

If you can access to device through uart console, then we can try to set board into recovery mode through software command or we can at least see why your board is not able to boot up

Just to add a detail: lsusb responds to the Jetson micro-OTG port being in “device mode”. This does not have knowledge of whether the device mode is from being in recovery mode versus if the device mode is from being fully booted and creating virtual USB devices. Unless you actually put this in recovery mode the lsusb won’t tell you anything other than “something is working”. Power must either go on or be reset while the recovery button is held down to reach recovery mode (you don’t have to hold the recovery button after power goes up).

If the device fully boots, then there is a virtual ethernet and virtual read-only filesystem presented.

Hi , I did try all the methods and solutions to debug from past 4 days but the board gives me and stops at the error that says CPU is not bootable with tegrax2 --isapplet this is when the board resets looking for usb again, this happens after i setup the recovery mode and then flashing mmcblk0p1 using jetpack 4.4,4.2,3.3. I finally tried borrowing my colleagues jetson tx1 and everything works fine with no issues i think there is some hardware problem , can i get my board replaced. i think there is something wrong with USB. please consider this on high priority.


Then just RMA your device.