Flash jetpack 4.5.1 on m2

Is posiible , flashing jetpack 4.5.1 on M2 and not in SD? I have jetson NX and need flashing jetpack 4.5.1 only en m2 and run OS of this.

Note that the JetPack release (JetPack is a GUI installer frontend) is tied to the L4T release (which is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers, and is the actual flashed content). JetPack 4.x or earlier is not supported on any Orin; you would need JetPack 5.x+. See:

I can only guess that m.2 support exists on Orin NX, I don’t have one to look at. However, anyone who provides a carrier board with that slot probably does have support (although it might require an initrd flash). This would be only with JP 5.x+ (L4T R34.x+).

Seems your “jetson NX” is “Xavier NX” as “Orin NX” comes with M2, moving topic to Xavier NX forum.

Hi josecorcios,

Are you using devkit or custom board?

If you are using Xavier NX with Jetpack 4.5.1, please update to current Jetpack 4.6.3 and you could refer to the following instruction to flash rootfs into connected NVMe SSD.
Flashing and Booting the Target Device - Flashing to an NVMe Drive

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