Flash JetPack for TX1 using VM on Mac

I have MacBook Pro and I’m using Ubuntu 16 from VM. I would like to flash the Jetpack for TX1. I download the SDK manager, but I couldn’t download the Jetpack because of the hard disk which I adjusted to VM isn’t enough and I cannot increase it more than this , otherwise, it effect my OS on mac. Therefore I bought a SD card 128G to download the Jetpack on it. I need to format the USB to EXt4 to be suitable for Linux and that what I have done. However my Mac shows a message ( The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer) with three options (Initialize) , (Ignore) and (Eject). How can I fix this issue?? And which format is suitable for the USB to download the Jetpack on it ??

A Mac is not supposed to read ext4, that is Linux. You can ignore the problem since it is your Linux VM which is the one reading the SD card. FYI, make sure your VM is Ubuntu 18.04, not 16.04.

Once Linux is running, just give ownership to the Linux guest system, and it will know how to work with ext4. However, don’t expect everything to just work, most of the time VMs need work, for example, and forcing ownership of the recovery mode Jetson to go to the guest o/s and to not be interfered with by the host. VMs are not officially supported.

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