Flash Jetson Agx Xavier Devkit to boot from SD Card

I’m trying to flash Jetson Agx Xavier Devkit to boot from an SD card but after flashing it’s not able to boot, just a black screen with a blinking cursor is showing, these are the steps I followed:

  • Formt the sd card as ext4 format.
  • Copy rootfs files to the sd card
  • plug in the sd card to the jetson in recovery mode and connected with type C USB
  • Run sudo ./flash.sh jetson-agx-xavier-devkit mmcblk1p1

flash.sh script is not able to flash anything to the external card.

Also, our cboot is not able to read sdcard either. What you can do is mount system from the sdcard. Not boot from it.

Does this mean that we can’t flash an SD Card ? how about this thread How to Boot From SD Card? - #12 by hijikata_M ?

The script cannot do the flash for you. You have to prepare the sdcard on your host first.

Yes that what I did I formatted the sd card then copied rootfs files but at some point we need to mount the sd card and run the flash script this what the community suggestions says, could you give more more details ?

To my knowledge for Jetson Agx Xavier we don’t have ready SD card images this is why we need to go through this process

You can dump the uart log first to tell why and what kind of error happened.

This provides more information than something like “blank screen with blinking cursor “.

How can I enable uart logs, any useful docs?

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