Flash Jetson from AWS EC2 Instance


I’ve successfully installed JetPack on an aws ec2 instance (host) and am unsure whether it’s possible to flash the Jetson directly from the ec2 instance. Your help would be much appreciated!

Hi av101, the Jetson needs to be directly attached to a native host PC via USB — flashing from cloud or virtual machine isn’t supported.

I can see a somewhat project concerned in delivering usb over ip, but it will highly likely not to provide the feature of flashing of a Jetson from an EC2 instance, in my opinion.

Dusty and Andrey, thanks for the feedback. I too was wondering whether it would be possible to deliver USB functionality over IP, but it seems that won’t be possible with the current setup. I’ll aim to work with a physical Linux machine for flashing. Thanks again!

Hi Andrey,
I am also very interested to have a such interesting feature and I guess it could be related to some missing parts in usbip-core (maybe it lacks some ioctl ?).
I don’t see any practical limitation to flash a Jetson with usbip from a AWS EC2 virtual machine.
The point is probably which interface the usbip-core module offers to userspace.
If it is a matter of speed during flashing, we can simply add a buffering into the usbip-core.

I will be ready to support if someone else is still willing to help in making such feature available.
I have posted the same question in the open forum of USBIP project.




Thank you for following up!
So far I have a chance to try flashing local USB connection, but Jetpack folder at google cloud provider. It wasn’t redundantly tested though. I have a feeling that at some point it flashed from sshfs folder. It will require further testing to be sure though.

Very interesting, so you mounted a remote filesystem to your $HOME/nvidia folder, right ?
I didn’t thought about it.