Flash Jetson Nano 2GB Development Kit with SDK Manager

SDK manager wants me to select my device. The option for the 2GB kit is the p3542 carrier board. I have the p3541 carrier board. Also, I have the p3448-0001 module. SDK manager expects a p3448-0003. Can I only use the pre-created image for the 2GB kit? When trying to flash I an error about a dtb file not found. In fact the file for this board is not included in the SDK. What do I do?

Hmm… I think the real problem here is why do you have a board that is not included in the SDK? Where did you get this board?

I have three of these. Got them on Amazon. They are in official NVIDIA boxes. The box has the following part number:


I attached an image of the options from the SDK. Are these obsolete?

Can you try to flash them with jetson nano 2gb option? If it fails, share me the full log with the “export logs” button on sdkm.

SDKM_logs_JetPack_4.6_(rev.2)_Linux_for_Jetson_Nano_modules_2021-10-27_07-27-21.zip (99.7 KB)
Logs attached.


Could you use chkbdinfo tool (also under Linux_for_Tegra) and use your cvm.bin as input and share me the result?


SON_NANO_TARGETS/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader$ ./chkbdinfo -p -c -a -i -k -f -r -w -b -g -v cvm.bin
699-13448-0003-400 D.0 1 1424320008845 3448 0003 400 D.0 FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF 48:B0:2D:2E:79:72 1.0

It did nothing with no options so I gave it all the options.

When trying to flash I an error about a dtb file not found.

Could you share where you see such info?

The eeprom info seems still a jetson nano 2gb device.

I was getting that with a blank SD card. I have since flashed the SD card with the provided image. It boots to Linux with the card image installed.

Could you boot your device with below setup and share the full boot up log?

No I can’t do that! I don’t have any wire. So is this a valid part number? Also, I hear the USB device disconnect and then re-connect during the load. Does it reset at some point in the process? I’m using a Linux VM on a windows host to load. I have the VirtualBox USB extension pack to share the USB from windows. I think it takes a sec to reconnect during some portion of the load. Maybe there is a reset in there.

Are you talking about you are also using a VM to do the flash?


Please find a native ubuntu host and try again. SDKM does not support VM.

Installed the VirtualBox USB extensions and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the help.

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