flash jetson tk1 using Windows


Can we flash Jetson tk1 using Windows OS?

Are the flash tools available for Windows OS?

Hi JaiAtEcon,
from the documentation seems that linux on the host pc is mandatory, but you could try with virtualbox installed on windows with a linux virtual machine.
For this try to look here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/795109/-resolved-jetson-tk1-usb-micro-b-cable-cannot-connect-to-windows-7-host-the-device-driver-apx-canno/
Another way could be to use a linux live distro on the host pc but I haven’t tried if it works.

With Jetson TK1, in the past it seems to flash ok from within VM. For example I flash JTK1 reliably running VMware Workstation 9 emulating Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit. With the new Jetson TX1, flashing from native Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit is recommended at this time.

Is there a way to flash it native?

Not natively from within Windows. The flashing must be performed from within 64-bit Linux on an x86-based machine. Running an Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 image is highly-recommended for the flashing procedure. If you don’t already have a Linux desktop, and are trying to avoid setting up dual-boot, you can first try running Ubuntu from within a virtual machine. Although convenient, flashing from VM is technically unsupported — warning in advance that while flashing from within VM, you may encounter issues such as the flashing not completing or freezing during transfer. Chances will be improved if you remove any USB hubs or long cables in between your Jetson and the host machine.

The next logical step would be to boot your desktop/laptop machine off Ubuntu LiveCD or USB stick (using unetbootin tool or similar).

Finally, if you have an extra HDD partition, you can install Ubuntu as dual-boot alongside Windows. Flashing natively from within Ubuntu is the supported and recommended method for flashing successfully. It may be wise to just start in on dual-boot from the get-go, otherwise you may end up wasting more time trying to get the other (potentially more convenient, but unsupported) methods to work.

Note that you can’t flash from the Jetson itself, because the Tegra chip must be booted into special recovery mode for the flashing to work. This is done by holding down the ‘Force Recovery’ button while pressing ‘Reset’.